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PICE 077 Overview of the Worker Protection Standard 2021-2022 is a Course

PICE 077 Overview of the Worker Protection Standard 2021-2022

Mar 26 - Mar 26, 2022
1 credit

$20 Enroll

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                                  How To Enroll Introduction Video

The EPA began revision of the worker protection standard (WPS) in 2015. This online tutorial will outline and provide descriptions of the revisions to assist employers to be in compliance with the WPS.

• Who Does The WPS Protect?
• Basic Principles of the WPS
• General Responsibilities of Agricultural Employers
• Commercial Pesticide Handler Employers
• Compliance, Penalties and Fines

CEUs: 1

Approved for certified and licensed applicators.

Approved Categories:

  • Private Applicator Ag Pest Control
  • Aerial Application – Ag
  • Ag Row Crop Pest Control
  • Ag Tree Crop Pest Control
  • Forest Pest Control
  • Ornamental and Turf Pest Control
  • Soil and Greenhouse Fumigation
Important: CEU modules are best viewed on a desktop PC using Internet Explorer (IE) or EDGE browser.

                                  How To Enroll Introduction Video

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