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PIO Public Health 1 Non Mosquito Arthropods is a Course

PIO Public Health 1 Non Mosquito Arthropods

Aug 14, 2023 - Aug 14, 2024

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Full course description

This module will cover non-mosquito arthropod identification. Proper identification of pests is vital to management. Distinguishing characteristics of an array of arthropods are provided. This counts for 1 Public Health CEU.


How To Enroll Introduction Video


This is overall 50 minutes of powerpoint narrated video covering non-mosquito arthropods. This will assist applicators in identifying public health pests such as ticks, spiders, bees, biting flies (No-see-um), and urticating caterpillars. Additionally, it will assist applicators in using best management practices as it will allow them to identify beneficial arthropods such as honey bees, butterflies, and beetles.


Approved Categories: Public Health